DESIGN FLAW SOLVED™ by DRAFT™ Novel Breakthrough Advanced Manufacturing Apparatus Solving Non-Compliance with Affordable Comfortable Respiratory Protection

A healthier working citizen benefits society as a whole. Join our social cause, for awareness and development of new methods of comfort to ensure safety protection is used by all, not just the ones who can tolerate it.

A Collaborative Effort

It takes a strong collaboration to begin to bring life-changing solutions to society and fight for what’s right. Society benefits with a team approach advocating for methods to reduce health disparities and the drain on our healthcare system from avoidable respiratory disease caused by noncompliance of respiratory protection which is too uncomfortable for the user to tolerate. Will you be an advocate for life-changing safety technologies to come to the global market? We invite you to be part of the solution, which will have a critical impact in fighting health disparities and bring a higher quality of life free from avoidable disease and death caused by workplace hazardous conditions that can be a non-issue if the worker wears adequate safety respiratory equipment. Safety products can now be manufactured with the DRAFT™ apparatus which engineers a new standard in comfort to all produced equipment on the market.

Health Care Respirators for Surgical & Infectious Disease Applications

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Reviewed and Requested Our Patent Pending Technology: Disposable Total Source Control with Comfort & Filtered Inhaled and Exhaled Air. ...

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Two products that will launch through donation to developing countries in need of better protection from Covid-19 and will arrive soon arrive to those who need it most. Disposable-Comfortable-Source C...

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DRAFT™ transforms Respiratory Equipment from Tolerable to Comfortable™

The key to maintaining optimal health is awareness to the silent killers, the ones you can’t see. With the development of cutting edge tools focused on increasing compliance of respiratory equipment, workers can now have methods to ensure A BETTER BREATHING EXPERIENCE.

It Is Never Too Late For Change

Global Respiratory Advocates path is just emerging and needs strong players to step up and fight for...

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If Science Can’t Make an Impact, What Can?

For our mission to succeed, collaboration is key such as Affinity groups, Partners, and the formatio...

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Hands On Education Will Make the Difference

Reduce disease and death by lack of compliance of respiratory equipment in workplace applications wi...

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The Future Journey To Come

Change grey box 2-top right-content to: Reduce disease and death by lack of compliance of respirator...

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